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Oh, hey.  Been awhile, right?

Nothing too long today, just a quick update to let you in on some stuff that’s been going on in my life over the past few months since it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on the blog.  So, let’s get right to it.

Last June, after some deep soul searching, prayer, and counseling, I made the choice to end my marriage.*  It was hard, it was ugly, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get the puffy circles out from under my eyes no matter what home remedy I try.  I’ve always believed in marriage, in love, and the permanency of the vows you take.  Breaking that promise of forever took a lot out of me and it was important to take time to mourn the loss of a dream and a great deal of my identity.  But, despite the heavy weight of sadness that settled on me in the process, I knew in the end I was looking for my happy.

With that said, I’m in a whole different place than I was the last time I posted on here.  Life as a single mom is no joke, y’all, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.  My family has been incredibly supportive and they’ve really stepped in to pick up the slack when I feel myself breaking.  My friends have kept me busy and laughing, and really, there’s no better medicine for misery than that.

grow through

It’s been 5 months since my divorce was finalized. In that time, I’ve learned so much about myself and what I will and will not settle for in my life.  There’s been multiple lessons, both hard and humorous, and I’ve got a few stories to share in case they can possibly help you as well, along with some pretty good advice I received along the way.

I’m still here, friends.

It’s a slightly different me with a whole new lane, but I’m still here.  So be on the lookout for the real talk, but also some fun stuff, too!  I’m super excited about what’s going on with my multiple crazy busy side-hustles and can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on!  CitiScapes Magazine has brought me on as a guest contributor and I’ll also be writing some pieces for NW Arkansas Moms Blog that I can’t wait to share. Oh, and I have plans for some collaborations with local NWA folks and events, so keep an eye out on my social media for announcements and potential give-aways.

So. Deep breath. Let’s get back to bracing each other up, shall we?


*Listen, I’m not going to get into the why’s or dish on what went wrong.  My ex-husband and I are trying to positively co-parent our girl, so you won’t be getting any dramatic dirt out of me. Well, not without a bottle of wine or two.  In all seriousness, the goal is to keep it respectful, so if you popped on to read some trash talk, sorry to disappoint.  You won’t be seeing that at any point on this blog, ever.**
**Please hold me to that.

Mama Makers | Tubtonics

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“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

When I started this blog, I asked myself a few questions: who am I trying to reach with my words and what is it that I’m trying to say?  I’m an uplifting person by nature, so my message and mission has always been to brace each other up in life, work, and family.  Celebrating women in their daily walk and shining the light on those that have done both the ordinary and amazing.  Listen, we are all trying to do great things–in the office and at home. As women, sometimes all we want is to feel appreciated and have someone notice our hard work.  And, by golly, we work hard, y’all.

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So, I’ve decided to shine a little light on women who are balancing the incredible: a messy, loud family and their own business.  Mothers that have scrambled during nap time to work on their art.  Wives who have stayed up long after their husband have gone to bed in order to learn just a little bit more about their industry.  Ladies who have held their breathe while they signed on the dotted line to invest their money on themselves and their dream.  Mama Makers who are making their dreams work.


**Each month, I’ll be spotlighting a different lady that is excelling in her Mama Maker role.  If you have someone you’d like to nominate, please shoot me an email at**


The Biz

Tubtonics is owned and operated by Andrea Long, a mama of four kiddos, aged nine, eight, two and four months. Time out: the fact that this gal has four(!) kids AND is running her own business is really enough to encourage us all to patron her art.

Anyway, based in Northwest Arkansas, Andrea began selling her organic and environmentally friendly soaps in January of 2016.  Tubtonics is constantly producing new and unique products to be used for your daily routine.

17438254_201511427008877_255938561457520640_nAs a self-taught Mama Maker, Andrea creates custom soaps and body products made specifically to make your skin feel clean and nourished.  Using supplies purchased at Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville, AR, Andrea can often be found there doing product demonstrations and tutorials on how to make your own soaps at home.

18513477_736348813203378_7977364692429438976_nWhen pressed to name a favorite product, she calls it a tie between Up the Anti and Astringent C soaps.  Designed to assist in relieving inflammation and itchy skin, Up the Anti is Tubtonics’ top seller.  Astringent C deep cleans and heals blemishes while firming skin.  Along with purchasing online at, their organics soap can also be found at Ozark Natural Foods.

To Be Honest

18252174_173706426487384_3638263811439329280_nI sat down with Andrea recently to learn more about her products and what inspired her to start her own business.  When I met Andrea, she had her two youngest kiddos with her and, to be honest, that made me like her right off the bat.  Real life means juggling your babies with your business, am I right?  Sometimes you just have to toss the kid in an Ergo and get to work.  So, with the youngest on her hip and an eye on the other, Andrea proceeded to educate me on the importance of palm-oil free products and using only natural fragrances.  Now, her passion and dedication to the environment was endearing, but the minute I opened the bottle of her Lavender & Honeysuckle Salt Soak, I stopped listening.  You guys.  I wish scratch and sniff screens were a thing.  All I wanted to do was get home, toss the stuff in the tub, and never get out.  So I proceeded to do just that (until my own kiddo got her whole hand stuck under the locked bathroom door and lost her ever loving mind.  Relaxation was over at that point.).

18013764_319302155157149_433678799385657344_nBefore the stuck hand debacle, I dozed pleasantly and pretended I was swinging on the wooden rocker out in my grandmother’s yard, right next to her back fence.  The one that honeysuckle takes over ever summer and smells strongest at night when the air is so thick you can practically cup it in your hand.  There’s a little breeze so I could smell the flowers from her garden she keeps by the porch.  Lavender with just a hint of her hydrangeas. Sure, I’m just floating on sensory happiness in my bathtub, but the scent is so uniquely Southern summer night, it feels like I’m there if I close my eyes (and ears so I don’t hear the insistent knocking on the door).  Seriously, this Salt Soak really does make me feel like I’m surrounded by those huge summer honeysuckle vines and I love it.  Afterwards, my skin felt so smooth without any of that sticky residue stuff you get with some salt scrubs and soaks.

17818116_245155772559512_8287338941812572160_nI don’t know about you, but when I find a new product that rings all my bells, I have to tell every single person I know.  I’ve tried her tooth whitening paste and after 2 uses I’ve already noticed a difference.  And bless Andrea’s heart, when she heard we had the tummy bug at our casa, she sent over her anti-viral, anti-bacterial soap.  When I asked her how she finds time to make all of her products, she credits the grace of God and a dedication to her schedule she’s made for her family and business.  As an obsessive planner myself, this is a gal after my own heart. So, as much as I like promoting a great product to my tribe, I’m even more passionate about introducing you to people you really should know.

Tubtonics is available at

Ozark Natural Foods

or purchase online here.

Follow Tubtonics on Instagram!


Top 21 Swimsuits for Modern Mamas

Not yo’ mama’s suit!

Look, y’all.  I hate shopping for swimsuits.  Hate. It.

Shopping for a suit that looks halfway decent is like drinking just one glass of wine.  Rarely happens, friends. I need it to cover what jiggles, hold in what I don’t want popping out, and cover the majority of my tush so I don’t embarrass my pre-teen son.  BUT, since I want to participate in activities with my kiddos that involve the water, this mama went in search for a trendy swimsuit that won’t mortify my kids or mind wearing to a church-hosted swim night.

And lucky for you, I’m sharing my favorites!


1) Cremieux Floral Bra Sized Keyhole High Neck ($66) and Engineered Scarf Print High Waist Bottom ($58)

I’m crazy about this print and the high waisted bottoms are super flattering.




2) Jag Leafy Escape High Neck Racerback Tankini ($88) and Jag Core Solid Boy Leg Short Swim Bottom ($58)

If you’ve got active kids to chase after, this racerback will keep annoying straps from falling.

 3) Lauren Ralph Lauren Beach Club Solids Ruffle Surplice One-Piece ($120)

Ruching is our friend, girls.  Side drape ANYTHING and it makes our waist look magically more narrow.  God bless it.




4) Lauren by Ralph Lauren Plus Dot Halter Top ($64) and Lauren by Ralph Lauren Plus Dot High Waist Skirted Bottom ($74)

This halter will keep the girls where you want them (perky and covered, please and thank you).




5) Magicsuit Solid Bianca Halter V-Neck Swim Romper ($178)

You guys.  It’s a romper.  I FREAKING LOVE THIS.  *clicks add to cart*




6) Raisins Curve Solid Tortuga Off-The-Shoulder One-Piece ($88)

Cold-shoulder tops are everywhere this season and this suit adds in a fun ruffle just to show off. Well played.




7) Gibson & Latimer Tropical One-Piece ($84)

Who doesn’t love a sexy cutout?  These are PTA approved.





8) Women’s Scallop High Neck Bikini Swim Top – Vanilla Beach ($24.99)

Real Talk: This looks just like a Kate Spade suit that goes for over $100.  Just sayin’.




9) Women’s Slimming Control Striped High Neck Bikini Swim Top – Beach Betty™ by Miracle Brands™ ($34.99) and Women’s Slimming Control MidRise Shirred Bikini Swim Bottom (29.99)

Preppy and flattering, wear this suit on Memorial Day weekend with nautical anchor sandals. Ahoy!




10) Women’s Plus Size Indigo Stripe Scoop Back Peplum Tankini Top Indigo Blue – Sea Angel ($37.99)

Peplum and flattering stripes?  I’m in.




11) Women’s Plus Size Mesh Cut Out One Piece – Ava & Viv™ ($39.99)

Sheer cutouts keep it classy.




12) Women’s Floral Longline Racerback Bikini Top – Indigo Blue – Tori Praver Seafoam($34.99)

Love the dreamy floral print with cutouts on this long line top.  BUT, you might want to look for different bottoms bc the one’s that match are Brazilian cut.  Might scare the neighbors…




13) Women’s Plus Size Flounce One Piece – Ava & Viv™ ($39.99)

Um.  I have this.  And I look pretty cute in it.  That’s all the info you need to know it’s a great suit. (No, that’s not me modeling it.  Aren’t you precious?)




Old Navy

14) Lace-Up Rashguard for Women ($32.94)

Keep your skin safe with this cute rashguard top.  I’m looking at you, gingers!

4-25-2017 10-27-39 PM



15) Ruffled One-Shoulder Swimsuit for Women ($39.94)

Simple and classic with a fun ruffle detail; this hits all the high notes.

4-25-2017 10-33-22 PM



Rey Swimwear

16) Grace in Vintage Floral ($108)

Roughing and ruffles, my favorite.  Also, this suit has adjustable straps!


photo: Jessica Rey


17) Celia in Hello Sunshine Top ($79)

This sweet neckline and soft grey make this a go-to top.  Add in some high waist bottoms and you’re ready for the beach!


photo: Jessica Rey


18) Marie in Hello Sunshine ($120)

This suit is a top, boy cut shorts, and a swim skirt all in one!


photo: Jessica Rey


Kortni Jeane

BONUS: All KJ suits have matching kiddo sizes!

19) Latter-Back Top ($68) and Ruched Bottoms ($36)

This crop-top has removable bra cups and wide straps for extra comfort.  Oh, and a super sexy back!


20) Tied Up Top ($36) and Tie-Up Front Bottoms ($32)

This laid back top can be worn on and off the lake this summer!


photo: Kortni Jeane



Now suck it up, suck it in, & GET IN THE WATER!



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Me and Bailey | 2015