Patriotic Fare; Memorial Day Dishes

Patriotic Fare

Memorial Day makes me think of camping out at the lake, family picnics, and barbecues. What do they all have in common? FOOD!

Honey, if there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I LOVE food.  Food is my jam.  But let’s be honest here: I’m not a great chef. (Understatement of the year. Ask my family someday about fish brownies.  Gah, it’s just bad.)  When I just can’t get away with grabbing something ready-made from the store, I turn to my pal, Pinterest.  I can always find something quick, easy, and perfect for any occasion.  And usually something that even I can’t screw up.

Y’all know I love a good list. (See here, here, here, and here.)  Gimme lots of options for any and every theme, please and thank you.  Since I have a feeling you may be the same way, I’ve put together some of my favorite recipes, DIYs, and tutorials for patriotic fare.  Feel free to use refer back to this post for Veteran’s Day and Fourth of July.  Red, white, and blue grub for the win!

memorial day long graphic

Strawberry Trifle

As Tara from Deliciously Declassified puts it, “This dessert is the perfect end to a Memorial Day BBQ.  It’s super easy to put together and looks impressive (bonus).”  She ain’t lying, kiddos.  For extra patriotic punch, Tara suggests adding blueberries.  Check her fail-proof tutorial here.

Red, White, and Blue Sangria

Patriotic Cocktail

Who’s bringing the booze?  You are!!  Pro-tip: use a cookie cutter to get those pineapple slices cut into perfect stars.  Added in with some berry vodka, this is sure to go fast, so make 2 pitchers!  Here’s the full recipe.

Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies

Cookie Recipes - These Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies are perfect for the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. Pin it NOW and make them later!

Have you ever make cake mix cookies?  They’re seriously easy and disappear fast at a get together.  With only 5 ingredients (two of which are candy), this is a great choice when you’re short on time but want to make it look like you planned waaaay in advance. Here’s the recipe.

Fruit Kabobs

4th of July Fruit Kabobs

For all you health conscious folk, here’s a great option for you!  Watermelon and blueberries.  Simple, delicious, and easy to snack on when skewered on a handy kabob. If you’re feeling frisky, soak these bad boys in some berry vodka overnight for an extra kick.  Anna with The Baby Bump Diaries has some great tips for creating these kabobs just right.

American Flag Veggie Tray

Fun 4th of July Party Idea. American Flag Vegetable Tray! Patriotic veggie tray.

OK, so you ran out of time and you have to grab something on your way to the picnic. Toss the veggies Amy with Living Locurto has suggested in your cart, plus some dip, add a cute tray, and you’re good to go.  Please don’t chop and drive, your hostess will be cool with slipping you into the kitchen and slicing on site.  Safety first, kids.

Want more suggestions?

Check out my Pinterest board, Patriotic Foodie, dedicated to all food red, white, and blue!


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