THE Ultimate Karaoke Song List for Women, Ever

The Best Karaoke Songs for Women

(Drunk or Sober)

Pour the tequila. Bust out the jazz hands. It’s KARAOKE NIGHT, baby!

Whether it was you’re idea or not, here you are on karaoke night with a song book in hand and a mind that’s gone totally blank.  What the crap can I sing without looking like a total fool??

“I don’t care who you are.  When you’ve had 3 cranberry vodkas & Journey comes on, you become a small town girl, living in a lonely world.”

I got you, babe. No, not that old Sunny and Cher song!  C’mon now.  What I mean is, I’ve got you covered.  One of my past 8 million jobs just happens to include Karaoke DJ, so I know a think or two about just how crucial your song choice can be. Fun fact: I won the 2006 NWA Karaoke Championship (yes, it was a thing), so trust me when I tell you this is my area of expertise.  Hun, no one wants to be a buzz kill and sing Sheryl Crow songs, so gather ’round & listen to your Auntie Kat.

Whether you have major pipes or just want to get through it without too much mortification, here’s…


song typeTo make it simple, I’ve included song genres for quick reference.  Here’s how it works:

Alone | Heart purple mic

One of the best power ballads, ever.  You can’t be shy or afraid to hit that high note. Get it, girl.

What a Man | Salt n’ Peppa yellow mic

Every girl in the place will be singing along with you, so this is a good choice if you’re not the best singer in the bar.

Feel Like a Woman | Shania Twain green mic

A common pick, but a good one!  Work that mic, honey!

You Outta Know | Alanis Morisette blue mic

Man did you wrong and your girls take you out to forget?  Sing this.

Bad Romance | Lady Gaga blue mic

It’s been on the radio so much, you won’t even need the prompter for the lyrics.

All Coming Back to Me Now | Celine Dion purple mic

Drama, baby.  (btw–this is my go-to)

Before He Cheats | Carrie Underwood green mic

Staple song choice for the Southern set.

Red Light Special | TLC yellow mic

Bow chica wowow.  Make eye contact with a hot dude and let it fly.

The Boy is Mine | Monica and Brandy 2ef0b4a352f3c857742ac5390d76b29b_-mic-8-icon-free-icons-mic-clipart-png_512-512

Grab your gal pal and show some ‘tude.

Gunpowder & Lead | Miranda Lambertgreen mic

If you’re a country girl, this is your jam.

Total Eclipse of the Heart | Bonnie Tyler purple mic

Here’s another power ballad that sounds even better after a few margaritas.

Never Gonna Get It | En Vogue yellow mic

This one requires at least 2 backup dancers.  Ready, go.

I Will Survive | Gloria Gaynor blue mic

Classic chick pick.  Fair warning: this is usually a long track, so bring your drink to the stage.

I Kissed a Girl | Katy Perry blue mic

Upbeat tempo, fun lyric.  This is a winner.  Please don’t kiss random strangers, kthanks.

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me | Elton John + George Michael 2ef0b4a352f3c857742ac5390d76b29b_-mic-8-icon-free-icons-mic-clipart-png_512-512

You.Guys. Best power ballad duet that literally no one sings, but everyone knows.

Fancy | Reba McEntire green mic

Also my jam.

Midnight Train to Georgia | Gladys Knight and the Pips blue mic

Get the crowd to join you when the Pips “woo woo” and you’re golden.

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights | Meatloaf + Ellen Foley 2ef0b4a352f3c857742ac5390d76b29b_-mic-8-icon-free-icons-mic-clipart-png_512-512

Never heard of it?  Quick, press play below and memorize. Epic.

Lean close, this part is important.

Do not, under any circumstance, ever sing My Heart Will Go On.  Don’t.Do.It.  Trust.

Looking for local places in Northwest Arkansas to strut your vocal stuff?  Check out Karaoke Night at these hot spots:

You Know Uno in Fayetteville, AR

 Infusion Bar in Fayetteville, AR

Growler USA in Rogers, AR


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