3 Ways to Style Investment Jewelry

@twigsjewels*In the spirit of full disclosure, this is a sponsored post by Twigs Jewels.  The opinions and comments are 100% mine.  I just really like their baubles, y’all, and you should, too!

investment piece2.png

You saw it, had to have it, now you gotta actually wear it to justify the investment.

We’ve all been there. You spotted a shiny bauble in the store or online and fell head over heels in love.  Problem is, this ain’t no costume jewelry, honey. This is the real deal. But, you’re in love. So, you do what we all do and try to justify the expense.  I’m on your team, so lemme help ya.

3 Ways to Style Investment Jewelry

First things first. We all have different budgets. What may be a splurge to me could be chump change to you (bless you, tell me your financial secrets). In my case, anything over $50 prompts an internal debate of “do I really need this?”, which is immediately followed by “how will I wear it?”

Case in point: this gorgeous Gaurdian Angel necklace from Twigs Jewels.* They have seriously beautiful pieces for every price point and their jewelry has been worn by Kardashians and Real Housewives.  Fancy, right? Now, this necklace retails for around $85.  For me and my bauble budget, that qualifies as an Investment Piece. Here are three different ways I styled the Guardian Angel necklace to inspire you and help justify laying down cash money to make it yours.


Guardian Angel Necklace via Twigs Jewels


Wear to Work


Shirt: Calvin Cline

Vest: Gibson & Latimer

Pants: vintage via Cheap Thrills

Casual Weekend


Jacket: Fever

Jeans: Boutique (the brand, not a vague reference to a shop. ha!)

Shirt: Husband’s Closet

Shoes: Converse

Date Night


Dress: Gibson & Latimer

Shoes: vintage

To find Twigs Jewels:

check out their website here

Instagram: @twigsjewels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwigsJewelsByTwigsJewels/

Or check out them locally in Northwest Arkansas at

Love, Hope, Cure Designs

Beyond Urban


I’d love to see your own looks you’ve put together! Post your favorite investment piece ensemble on Instagram and tag me @braceherself!





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