Honey Bee First Birthday Party

Happy First Bee-Day, Bailey!

With Bailey’s third birthday coming up in June (how is she already THREE?!), I’ve started planning for her party.  The last two birthdays have been at this sweet little park near our house that has two different playgrounds and pavilions that you can rent out.  Since we figure why fix what isn’t broken, we reserved the same park for this year as well.

Y’all, I love planning her parties.  Back in ancient history (i.e. the early 2000s), I had a brief stint as an event coordinator before I moved into managing a local bridal shop.  To this day, it was the most fun and rewarding job I’ve ever had.  The theme, the linen patterns, the flowers.  All of it.  I just loved seeing the vision in my head come to fruition and making a treasured memory for my clients.  Classic people pleaser, that’s me.

Anywho, flash forward to motherhood and I’ve scaled the party planner compulsion down to child size.  *Unless you ask my husband who thinks I’m still just this side of crazy when it comes to our kids’ parties.  Men, what do they know about the pressures of Pinterest and social media comparisons??  To be honest, as much as I want my pals to  think, “Gosh, that Kathryn sure is crafty/creative/hospitable/fabulous in every way!”, I really do genuinely enjoy celebrating my kids in a way that I hope sticks in their memories forever.

With that, I want to share some of my favorite pictures of that day.  Since we call Bailey our Honey B, we had a bee themed birthday shindig for her.  If you’re planning a bee party of your own, I hope you find some ideas you can use!

*Please note, these pictures were all taken 2 years ago with a cell phone that was on it’s last leg.  Keep that in mind when judging my photographic skills. Hey, thanks*

Also, feel free to check out other ideas on my Pinterest board I put together for her party.  Lots of fun themed snacks, décor, and such to get your creative juices going!  Enjoy!!

Bailey had her first birthday pictures taken with her beloved Mrs. Butters, so of course she had to make a cameo at the party.

Bee cupcakes, honeycomb snacks, and honey sticks as favors

There’s a large meadow next to the pavilion, perfect for flying kites!  The kids had a blast blowing bubbles and playing on the playground.

Not everything goes as planned.  The wind wouldn’t allow us to string her monthly pictures for display, so we had to duct tape them down on the bench.  Not a cute display, but by that point, you do what you have to do.


We had a blast celebrating our girl’s first bee-day with our fam+friends! 




PicMonkey Collage.png


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