Chardonnay, Charcuterie, & Shopping; Impressions Spring Fashion Show at Sassafrass Vineyard

*disclaimer:  I’m not getting paid a dime to talk about Impressions or their merchandise.  I just really like it, and you should too.*

Raise your hand if you like a midweek girls night out on a patio with tasty wine and yummy snacks.  Oh, and add a pop up boutique and fashion show.  You’re in, right?

Last Thursday, Impressions of Fayetteville, AR hosted their first fashion show of the season at Sassafrass Vineyard20170406_194359

With the promise of wine and baubles, the bestie and I put on our most convincing “we can still party on a work night” faces and prepared to shop under the influence.  Right when I walked in, I was immediately greeted by Pam4-10-2017 3-07-41 PM O’Connor, the owner of Impressions.  Y’all, they don’t come nicer than Pam.  She’s quick with hugs, positivity, and a gentle nudge in the direction of the closest bar.  Bless her.  Loaded down with a glass of Cabernet and an overflowing cheese board, we sat down to listen to Block St. Hot Club serenade us and enjoy the show.


seriously talented musicians


The Show

I don’t know about you, but when I think “fashion show”, I think of the Project Runway type of setup.  Put a gal in an outfit, send her down a stage, the audience looks from a distance, and then all the models trot out at the end for a last glance.  Not this time; Impressions thought outside the box for their show.  All the guests were seated at four-top tables while the models walked around from table to table and talked up their outfits.


these ladies enjoyed a night out

Genius!  We were able to touch the fabric, get a good view of the jewelry, and get honest opinions about whether shoes were actually pinching toes.  Getting an up-close look on how a dress moves really helps influence my purchases, but hearing a genuine endorsement from a model wearing the clothes sways me even more.


The Shop

Handily, a pop up boutique was nestled in the corner of the patio and offered all the items worn in the show.  I love a good pop up, and this one did not disappoint!  Lots of bags, tops, dresses, shoes, and trinkets to chose from and absolutely zero pressure to buy (which is a HUGE plus on Impressions’ side, if you ask me).  After two glasses of wine, I was feeling a little dangerous and had to keep my hands in my pockets or else I’d have walked away with all the things.

As it is, I’ve got to run by Impressions and pick up one of these darling bracelets.


need it, love it, must be mine

You know I do love things that go shine, and the blue one calls to me every time I look at this pic.

There’s nothing like didn’t-buy-it remorse, am I right??  Through Impressions’ Facebook page, you can always do a run/ship on every.single.thing that was in their show and they’re constantly posting more items on their Instagram page too.  Here’s the link, but be warned: you’ll just end up wanting to buy it all. 


Don’t worry, there’s MORE

At the end of the night, we got more hugs from Pam and a promise of another show in May.  Yay!  After such a lovely night, put me down as a YES.  Hope to see you there!



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