DIY Spring Wreath on the Cheap

Fresh & Bright Spring Wreath for the Clueless Crafters

Happy Spring, y’all!  Today we’re going to talk about freshening up your front door with a super easy and relatively cheap DIY Spring wreath.

Now, listen, I’m no Martha Stewart.  I have a basic glue gun and basic craft skills, nothing fancy.  If you’re looking for fool-proof, easy peasy wreath that you can knock out while watching Dancing with the Stars, I’m your gal.

Here’s what you need

3-29-2017 4-55-07 PM

Keep in mind, you’ll need an actual floral bunch (not a few blooms on a stem, but a good sized one.  This bad boy was $25, but I got it on sale for 50%).  20170327_185444-01I suggest going with hydrangea because 1) they’re gorgeous and 2) they’re a really full flower that hides wads of glue gun glue underneath.  Also, while non-wired ribbon will work in a pinch, do yourself a favor and get the wired.  So much easier to manipulate to look like an actual bow.

Let’s Get Started

  • First, strip your flower bunch down to the stems and sort the different types of flora and fauna into piles.  20170327_191812(0)-01

    This should be all that’s left of your stem.

  • Next, start placing the largest leaves around the outside of the wreath.  You want to be able to see these poking out from the flowers, so be sure to keep them towards the outside.  Otherwise, you’ll have to readjust after you put on the flowers, and that’s a big ol mess.

  • Once you’ve places all your leaves, start laying out your flowers until you like the arrangement.  I suggest laying them out BEFORE gluing them down, in case you need to move them around a bit.  Also, in the picture above with the flora/fauna piles, I have the stems still attached.  Yeah, lop those off. I ended up cutting the flowers all the way down to the base as that helps the flower face outwards.

  • Now that you know where you want your flowers to go, glue those pansies down.  20170327_200919-01

  • Flowers all glued? Great!  Next, start weaving in the extra leaves and berries and stuff into the outside of the wreath, between the flowers and the big leaves.  There’s no rhyme or reason to this part, just be creative and try to get it even so there’s enough all around the outside of the wreath.  Didn’t take a picture of this part, but you’ll be able to see in the final version how I just basically tossed the leftover vines and jazz in there willy nilly.

  • Almost done. Now we’re going to make the bow.  I’m not going to even pretend to teach you how to do that.  Instead, this is the easiest tutorial I’ve found on Pinterest and have used it multiple times.  Doesn’t fail.  Just be sure to have the wire ready before you start twisting the ribbon.  You’re welcome.


    ugh, my carpet is so ugly….ignore, please and thank you…


  • Place the bow where ever you’re heart desires.  I tried to balance my bow opposite the thicker side of the flowers, so you may want to try that if yours isn’t totally symmetrical.  But, really, what is?  This is art, people!20170327_204728-01

And that’s it!  Let me know how yours turned out and I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got any tips to share with the class!



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