So, fun fact: I was 30 years old when I got my bachelors.  Basic synopsis, I enjoyed college way too much for the first 10 years and really didn’t buckle down until I decided retail management wasn’t my long term goal.  Now, there’s zero wrong with managing a store.  In fact, I very much enjoyed managing a bridal shop in Fayetteville, AR.  Essentially, I played dress up every.single.day, and really, what gal doesn’t love that??

Anywho, I got married and decided I wanted to spend the weekends with my hubs and step-son.  So, I got a job in a medical office and my boss suggested I get myself my bachelors so I could be my own boss and run my own clinic.  Took her advice on the bachelors, but the clinic was not for me.  With the help of a college pal (networking is a peach, friends), I got an interview at a prominent digital marketing company to run online advertising for a major retailer.  *gulp*  Lo and behold, homegirl got the job.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the digital marketing world, let me tell ya, it’s a younger, hipper crowd than I was used to.  Previously, I was one of the younger pups running around the office and now here I am, the Old Lady at 32, surrounded by boys.  At the time I was hired on, the majority of my coworkers in my department were boys in their mid-20’s, fresh out of college, in their first major job.  Bless their hearts.

**Now, before you get your feelings hurt by me calling them “boys” and not “men”, let me point out that these guys are childless, single, renting, and partying during the week, as well as the weekend.  So, boys.**

Y’all, these guys were hysterical.  I mean, I spent the whole day eavesdropping on their conversations and giggling to myself over their antics.  At some point, I started posting what they said on Facebook so my other Old Lady friends could cackle along with me.

Thus, #boysatwork was born.  Over the last year, some of the boys have left to pursue other ventures, so my posts have trickled a bit.  Every once in a while, one of them will spit out something post-worthy, so keep your eye on my feed.  You honestly just never know what these boys will say!

Below are some of my favorites…..

3-13-2017 3-09-08 PM3-13-2017 3-10-29 PM3-13-2017 3-10-45 PM3-13-2017 3-11-06 PM3-13-2017 3-11-21 PM3-13-2017 3-11-46 PM3-13-2017 3-12-02 PM3-13-2017 3-12-23 PM3-13-2017 3-12-43 PM3-13-2017 3-13-02 PM3-13-2017 3-13-16 PM

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