Texting; Modern Day Pen Pals

So, I have this friend I met through our church choir.  She’s wonderful: kind, caring, funny, and literally everyone that knows her loves her.  You know the type of person I mean?  The genuinely kind-hearted soul with a deep love for the Lord that you’re secretly hoping has some sort of personality blemish but just doesn’t?  When I joined the praise team with her, she and I exchanged numbers and began to text.  A lot. Thus began our pen pal friendship.

Y’all, we text all.the.time.  Silly stuff, memes, gifs, work woes.  You name it, we’ve discussed it.  Through bad breakups and the struggle (and hilarity) of online dating to our goals for our families and dreams of future babies.  She’s the pal I tell everything to, but weirdly, it’s almost all through our phone screens.

Ok, don’t get me wrong.  We hang out.  We eat dinner together every Wednesday, we sing in church choir together, we spend half of every Sunday together.  We have regular girls’ nights with a fun group of gals and we tailgate together at just about every Hog game (go Razorbacks!).

So, yeah, we hang out.  But, for some reason, it’s just easier to talk via text.  Maybe I’m just becoming more introverted as I get older (stop laughing, I mean it), but I find that I can be more open when it’s through a screen.  I can send her pictures of me in the fitting room for opinions and not feel like I’m going to get judged for the goofy faces I’m making.  I can send her pictures of myself in a facial mud mask and ask her if I did it right, knowing that she isn’t going to think I’m a loser.  Or that my bathroom is a pit of despair.  I send her my bad hair cut picture for commiseration before I send it to my mama.  Yeah, don’t tell my mother, ‘kaythanks.

Sure, she isn’t my very best pal in the whole wide world.  And that’s cool, because she’s got oodles of besties.  Seriously, there’s a line around the corner to be this gal’s buddy.  If you’ve got a brother, she’s single and hot.  So, lemme know.  Point is, she fits my need for friendship in the best way; it’s like God said “Hey, you’re getting older and not so comfy in your skin these days.  Here’s a sweet girl to cheer you up.”  A+, God.13935145_10102217625832057_1207601045150513392_n

Do you have a pen/text pal that sounds a lot like mine?  If not, get yo self one.  Shoot, send me and email and we’ll add you to a group text.  One you’ll actually like being trapped in.

We all need to brace each other up, kiddos.



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