Naming a Blog is Super Hard, Y’all

Many moons ago, when I first met my husband and learned his last name was Doland, I was pleased for a couple reasons.  1) D is high up in the alphabet.  You may think that’s a silly reason to want to consider a man as a potential spouse, but spend your life as an R and you’ll get me.  2) It’s easy to spell.  After almost 8 years of together, I’ve only had to spell it out to someone a handful of times.  With my maiden name, I’d seen every possible version known to man.  For a slightly tipsy, twitterpated girl in a bar, finding out this hot guy I liked had good last name potential was just one more point in his favor. 


   Flash forward 5 years, and we’re starting to think of names for the peanut growing in my belly.  For a girl we were pretty set, but the boy name was giving us fits.  My mama’s maiden name is Dillon and I’d always wanted to use that for a son.  Southern folks love to use a good family name for a baby.  It’s a thing, y’all.  Well, Dillon Doland sounds awful (if you know someone by that exact name, I apologize.  To them, not you.  Unless you’re their mama, and then we need to talk). SO, the hubs and I went back and forth for a while trying to pick the perfect boy name. Finally settled on (you guessed it) more family names, but it was all for not.  Had ourselves a sweet girl we named Bailey Kaye.  And her middle name is the same as my mother’s.  Aaaand my grandmother’s.  It’s a thing.


  I tell you all that to tell you this: Naming a child is hard.  But naming a blog is so.much.harder.


  Y’all, it’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect way to present yourself to the public.  How can I portray my personality without being stuffy?  If I just use my name, is that pretentious?  (Have you been counting all the p-words the last few sentences?  I just did.  Good grief.) Should I pick something funny?  Do I gear it towards a mommy-blog sounding name? How can I introduce who I am to you, my guest whom I want to lure into reading more?  Seriously, how many lame blog names have you read and thought “yeah, no, I’m out”?  The struggle is real, friends.   


  So, I did what any normal person would do. I asked my friends, who gave me some hilarious and vastly inappropriate suggestions.  Which is why we’re friends.  I asked my coworkers, who are all in their 20’s and look at me like I’m their crazy aunt. They had trouble grasping that I want to blog about something other than motherhood (ok, yes that too, but not JUST that), as they figured that’s all I’ve really got going on.  Yes, I have about 42 pictures of my kids at my desk.  Not the point.  Anywho, they were zero help.

 “This blog is meant for women to brace each other up; whether with humor, advice, or just plain real talk every woman should hear.”

  Then, I was hit with inspiration.  Or should I say, pinspiration.  See what I did there? Ha? Ok, I searched Pinterest.  Jackpot!  There are tonssss of different blogs that help you pick a name.  Shoot, there are blogs called  Pay dirt, y’all.  I found this perfect post on I Can Build a Blog that you really should check out if you’re crazy enough to want to start your own.  Let me save you some trouble—start  here.  You’re welcome.  This gal basically helps you build a word pyramid based on what you want your whole blog to be about and then you take those words, mix them around, and build your name from that.  So I did what any sane girl would do.  I took a picture of my word collage and texted it to my mama.  3 minutes later, she sent me back “Brace Herself”.  Which really is perfect for this whole road I’m trying to travel!  This blog is meant for women to brace each other up; whether with humor, advice, or just plain real talk every woman should hear.  I’m all about making my friends’ lives a little brighter, and if you’re reading this, we really should be pals, hon.


  So, Brace Herself it is. 


  And that, kids, is how I named my blog.  Well, how my mother did, I guess.  Reason #72843 why I adore her to pieces. I’m so glad you’re here, I’m tickled you’ve read this whole post because I really want to write more.  I’m hoping you stick around, maybe click on a few more of my random topics, and we brace each other up!


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